The Cow - Restaurant Bar Review

A humble, rustic renegade in Seven Dials suburbia, The Cow has bustling nights, beer and a battering of Sunday roasts on its side.

The Venue

I'm such a sucker for the vintage, the rustic and the ever so slightly industrial (all of which happen to be one heck of a bar trend right now), so when The Cow came onto my Brooklyn lovin' radar, I had to dive right in to its selectively sourced wares. From a main restaurant area boasting walls lined white washed planks, tartan-back benches and vintage beer bottles, a front area lit by 'Cow' in subtle neons, walls smothered in drinking paraphernalia and summertime seats outside to a main island bar of old crates to boot; The Cow wouldn't be out of place in any San Fran, Portland or Brooklyn hipster suburbia.

the cow venue bar brighton seven dials

Brimming with rustic wares and cleverly plotted tones, The Cow may be hidden in Seven Dials, but its interiors are certainly shining through.

The Food and Drinks

I've been lucky enough (yup, lucky enough) to dabble in The Cow on numerous occasions and can vouch for 'em all. Cracking classic cocktails that come on a 2-4-1 special on the right night making them £7 for two? Make mine two Dark and Story's if you must know. An ever changing roster of local ales and craft beer that the barman will happily whip out knowledge upon, if hops have you all kinds of hankering? Brooklyn, Brewdog and Blue Moon. And the Sunday roast....oh gad, the Sunday roast; a mighty mound of hangover helping veg, gravy and locally sourced meat with one of the most plate engulfing Yorkshire puddings you've ever seen? Yup, a sweet £11.95.

the cow drinks bar brighton

Inexpensive, extensive and catering for a varying number of tastes, The Cow boasts everything from wine and craft beer to cocktails.

The Atmosphere

Sure, it's something of a yummy mummy retreat in the day thanks to its Seven Dials plot and tasty British fare, but come the evening there's a fun and humble bustle to The Cow that's not to be missed. From cavorting young couples and office buddies to local chums looking to get in on the selection of craft beer, it's by no means a battering of elbows in the bar, but there's a fun time hue to the colour of The Cow that makes it a down right different destination from the raucous affair of the beachfront bars.

the cow review bar brighton

Charming, friendly and inviting; it's not rowdy by any means, but The Cow is fun and just the ticket for an evening tipple.


Didn't think Seven Dials was worth the Brighton venture? Here's hoping you do now if my nattering on is anything to go by. From its hoisted hipster interiors and craft beer to a down right delicious Sunday roast, The Cow is by no means a bull to a red flag, but it is a charming retreat for those just looking for a laid back evening tipple and great grub.