Birmingham Cocktail Crawl

So there are bar crawls, and there are pub crawls, but what about a cocktail crawl we hear you exclaim?! Here to fill that sad gap in your cocktail-clad heart, we've come up with our very own cocktail crawl in the heart of Birmingham. Join us on a journey through some of the best cocktail bars in Birmingham as we recommend fruity treats and tiki dens galore, making sure that you discover only the very best creative concoctions that this unique city has in store. So are you ready yet, because we're just about to get going....

The Jekyll and Hyde

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Never one to start things off slow in the city, we want to take you to one of the best cocktail bars in Birmingham from the very offset. Hot foot it to the Colmore District where you'll be starting on some of the most unique creations in the city. We want you to be adventurous from the very beginning so how about a 'Dentrification'? A surprising concoction of rum mint toothpaste and kaffir lime, this unique cocktail showcases some of the treats that The Jekyll and Hyde have in store; but don't stop now, there's five more to go!


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Next up is Ginger's. Just a hop, skip and jump down the road from The Jekyll and Hyde, Ginger's is going to show you how to make some of the classiest cocktails in the business. Poised right next to Michelin star restaurant Purnell's, Ginger's keeps up the same star rated cocktail pace. So you've just brushed your teeth with the Jekyll's 'Dentrification', so how about keeping it fresh with a 'Thai-Jito'? A tart blend of blueberry gin and pink grapefruit, it's almost 3 of your five a day1! Chop chop now, there's another cocktail bar to be getting to! 

Island Bar

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So where's this Birmingham tiki bar you've been waiting for then? Well, saunter just a five minute walk from Bodega to the Suffolk Street Queensway and Island Bar will be pretty hard to miss. Don't tell us that we don't give you anything when you arrive at Island Bar, because you'll be swimming in all kinds of exotic glory. You can't go on a cocktail crawl in Birmingham and miss some of the best cocktails in the city now can you? Pop upstairs for a true tiki creation by grabbing a Zombie where Gosling's rum and an absinthe float make for a true brain twizzler. But don't slow down yet, two more to go!


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You're heading back into town now so make your way to Bennett's Hill where one of the best South American bars in Birmingham awaits. We think you've slowed down the pace a little since Ginger's, so how about a raucous pick me up in the shape of one of Bodega's Tequila based cocktails (this is a South American bar don't you know)? Get your chops around Bodega's 'El Diablo' for a mouth watering blend of El Jimador Tequila, creme cassis and ginger beer that will have you ready and raring to move on to the next cocktail treat.  

The Prince of Wales

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You've arrived at your final destination, so welcome to the party capital of cocktail town! Whilst it may look like a standard pub out front, don't hop back in that cab just yet. Head out back and discover the tiki-den that is Motiki. A bamboo and sand clad retreat in the back of one of the best beer gardens in Birmingham, Motiki serve up a unique range of independently crafted cocktails both served in Hawaiian glasses and created by Hawaiian shirt clad bar staff. So grab a fruity one and enjoy tales from the journey you've just been on!