Things To Do This Autumn In Birmingham

Coming down from the hype of summer and not quite prepared for the ruthless sod that is winter to bring the big chill? Well, drown in the sorrows of the season no longer! With pop-up Pokebars, imaginative brunches and Halloween antics to explore, our guide of things to do in Birmingham this autumn will have your calendar bursting at the seams. 

Last updated on 12th October 2021

This cosy pub meets quirky event space in Birmingham is home to some of the best things to do this autumn. Take shelter from the cold with hilarious stage shows and quirky bingo games with freshly poured pints and bites to eat available from the dining room.  

Looking for the best events this autumn in Birmingham? Head on over to Tonight Josephine, where you'll find a whole load of themed brunches. From Britney Spears to Mamma Mia and burlesque balls, these unique experiences are not to be missed.

Gravy season is back and it's time to get yourself down to some of these excellent pubs for hearty plates of meat, nut roast, wellingtons and all those delicious trimmings. They may not always be just like you mama made them, but they're going to hit the spot either way.

It's finally cold enough to start getting your cuddle on, and where better to snuggle up than at some of these gorgeous pubs, which boast everything from fresh pints and crackling fires to hearty plates of seasonal food.

One of the best pubs in the city, The Old Crown is well worth checking out for fun events this autumn in Birmingham. Escape the seasonal chill with a plethora of fun nights out, including pub quizzes inspired by Drag Race and Peep Show, alongside delicious bottomless brunches.