New bar spy - Gas Street Social

Restaurant and cocktail bar by Shaker & Co. to hit The Mailbox

Gas Street Social

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Now Open

What they say:

Taking advantage of the massive revamp of The Mailbox's centre of activity, Gas Street Social is set to play a major role in its makeover. Providing a genuinely social and open eating and drinking option, the large space lends itself to quick bites or lazy catch ups. The environment will operate off a constant buzz, so there will be plenty of vibes to bounce off. Food is high quality and simple, mirroring the pure design and excellent execution of the place in general. 

What we say:

This kind of open all day, pop in and out atmosphere gives rise to an informal and relaxed atmosphere - perfect for the busy hubbub of The Mailbox. Shaker & Co. are renowned for their insight and ability to manifest a great brief properly, so slick design and service is to be expected. Keeping the menu simple and the focus on the drinks side of things, this social centre is set for success.