New bar spy - Zindiya

Small plates and high chai are on the cards for new Moseley Indian restaurant


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What they say:

Named after the Indian word for 'life', Zindiya will be a modern and colourful Indian eatery serving small and sharing plates. Located in Moseley, the restaurant is located in a former bakery that has been unused for 10 years. The restaurant is currently undergoing a renovation which will mean it can sit 90; there will be a semi-open kitchen, a bar and cellar. 

What we say:

If anywhere knows how to serve up a good curry, it's Birmingham, being the home of the balti and all that, so a modern Indian eatery serving small plates and sharing dishes will be an interesting addition to the city's food scene. With dishes such as bhel puri, a vegetable dish from Mumbai, and high chai (a version of afternoon tea), we're looking forward to discovering another side of India's food scene other than just a Friday night curry.