New bar spy - Mr White's English Chophouse

Marco Pierre White carves onto the chophouse scene with new venture at Hotel La Tour

Mr White's English Chophouse

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What they say:

Expanding his stellar restaurant profile, the one and only Marco Pierre White announced the opening of his first chophouse in Hotel La Tour. Set in the luxuriant surrounding of this 4 star hotel, the restaurant space satisfies both the traditional aesthetic of old British chophouses whilst bringing something contemporary and stylish to the table. Expect only the highest quality meat cuts and a menu of classic dishes to delight in. 

What we say:

Cleaving his way into the chophouse market, Marco Pierre White takes on lean British steaks and classic homegrown fare. Think tender meat slabs and traditional dishes to the chomp of Welsh Rarebit and Trout Tartar. If there's anything we know to expect from MPW it's a reputation for exquisite food in a stylish setting so prepare yourself for what they've dubbed as "the best of land and sea"