New bar spy - Bar + Block Birmingham

Restaurant chain 'Beefeater' is warped into 2016 with its new, edgier diner, Bar + Block

Bar + Block Birmingham

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What they say:

Whitbread are launching their restaurant chain (Beefeater) into the modern day with their new version of the brand, Bar + Block. This revision will see the brand taking a much 'edgier' approach - aiming to appeal to a younger audience and survive on the high street. Head down at any time of the day and tuck into a delectable all-day menu - the speciality here is steak! The 3005 sq ft venue will boast a central bar for guests to post themselves up at and enjoy a few tasty tipples too. 

What we say:

We can give nothing but props to Beefeater. They've seen that the market is changing and they've adapted - hats off. Unlike others who have let pride get in the way, they've accepted that they need to take a much more contemporary approach, and alas, Bar + Block has been born. This new version of the restaurant chain will boast a much edgier vibe - targeting younger diners in the city centre. Head down for a big ol' slab of steak and a few pints of premium beer before a big night out in town!