Real Ale Pubs in Birmingham

Championed by their own branch of the association for real ale, CAMRA, Birmingham pubs are heralded for their capacity to stock well crafted ale and time cared for beverages. From basement boozers to nooks and crannies that you might not associate with some of Birmingham's best ale providers, the ale scene in Birmingham is brimming with advocates. Check out our recommendations for the best real ale pubs in Birmingham and soothe your throat with these tasty notes and tones. 

Last updated on 8th May 2019

Bacchus Bar

36 user reviews 5

Accredited with the Cark Masque seal of approval (that's pretty cool you guys), you can rest assured that the ale you'll be drinking at Bacchus has an almighty award under its belt. Boasting real cask ales that will hit all the right spots, indulge in award winning drinks at this cool and quirky secret bar in Birmingham. 

The Old Contemptibles

1 user review 4

Not only is The Old Contemptibles in Birmingham city centre brimming with humble tradition and history, it's also brimming with a Cask Marque accredited award. From guest ales from local microbreweries to high flyers on the cider scene, you'll be spoilt for choice at The Old Contemptibles where there quite happy for you to 'try before you buy' with tasters.

The Wellington

1 user review 4

There isn't much that the folks at The Wellington don't know about real ale. Recognised by the CAMRA campaign for real ale, this pub in Birmingham City Centre have been known to serve over 2000 different ales over just one year. With 16 pumps on the go at any one time, even the most experienced ale drinker is bound to find something new and refreshing to get their chops round. 

The Victoria

8 user reviews 4

Happy Hour

Venture past Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham city centre and you'll come across this cool and quirky thirst quenching pub. The Victoria not only stocks a hearty selection of real ales in her midst, nearly every month at this pub is an adventure with craft and guest beers making for a unique selection nearly every visit. 

The Prince of Wales

4 user reviews 5

Two for £10 Cocktails and 2 other offers

Whilst The Prince of Wales in Moseley may boast some of the village's most unique quirks, this pub in Moseley still has tradition and quality at heart. Perch yourself in front of the bar's 8 handpumps for a selection of local ales, guest beers and ciders that even Lady Gaga herself has happened to find herself sampling.