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Get your craft pints and bites at Birmingham's The Pig & Tail

The Pig & Tail

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What they say:

With a foreword of 'sharing is caring', Birmingham's incoming The Pig & Tail will be a brand new take on the tried and true concept of the community public house. The most recent tenants in the city's historic Jewellry Quarter will serve up some Victorian charm alongside sharing plates, wines and cocktails, and most importantly, craft brews. A large offering of some of the most unique beers out there will be the highlight of this contemporary gastropub, undoubtedly making it a hot spot for visitors and locals alike.

What we say:

May the times of merriment be abundant at The Pig & Tail; a modern gastropub taking up residence in Birmingham's Jewellry Quarter. The new neighbourhood drinking joint will place high importance on what made British pubs great in the first place--quality eats shared amongst you and your closest mates washed down with some quality ale. The real selling point of The Pig & Tail, though, is that you won't find just any beer on tap--every brew is carefully curated by the owners, Mark and Chrissy Rafferty, and sure to be a delicious upgrade from your run-of-the-mill draughts.