New bar spy - Peaky Blinder

Themed pub plays a real blinder in City Centre

Peaky Blinder

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What they say:

Dedicated lovers of a flat cap and a gangster show, Peaky Blinders gives the Birmingham based TV show the themed pub it truly deserves. Keeping it simple with cocktails like The Peaky Blinder, it doesn't get much more complicated than whiskey and blackcurrant for £2.70. A gastro pub this certainly ain't! Encouraging punters to join in, there will be a camera behind the bar to snap fellow cap wearers to join the hall of fame. What's more, these busy boys have developed an energy drink and sourced a special Peaky Blinders beer. Brilliant Stuff. 

What we say:

A good ol' novelty pub that ditches the cheese and brings things back to the bare pub essentials, Peaky Blinders is a thoroughly appropriate theme. There will be no overpriced bar snacks and annoying gimmicks to convolute the experience, instead you have friendly charm and fun features aplenty. Hoping to get cast members involved, watch this space for interesting drinks partnerships and appearances.