Student Clubs in Birmingham

What with the second biggest mass of students in the UK, it's no wonder that Birmingham is a premium city for you educated young-uns to go out on the the town. From post-dissertation parties and mid-term bashes to some of the most raucous Birmingham Freshers Week affairs, these student club nights in Birmingham have space enough for all of you. Check out our recommendations for the best clubs and student nights in Birmingham and make your Mum and Dad proud.... on the dance-floor that is. 

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!


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Known for being one of Birmingham's most popular alternative nights out, Snobs is a club in Birmingham city centre that promise a different kind of clubbing experience. Boasting the very best in Indie hits and alternative tracks, students that are partial to a little air guitar or Indie bop, couldn't find a much more fitting venue. 

Walkabout Birmingham

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Relaxed bar and eatery by day, raucous party venue come night, every student should get very familiar with Walkabout by the end of their tenure. The venue is host to a number of great nights, ranging from karaoke to ludicrously discounted drinks nights, all with a variety of your favourite tunes playing on the speakers. If you want to party like an Australian, this is your best bet.