New bar spy - Cheval Blanc

It's all going to be wine in Moseley

Cheval Blanc

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Venue Closed

What they say:

Following the success of his first two restaurants, entrepreneur Keith Marsden opened Cheval Blanc, a wine bar in the village of Moseley, in early July. With space for more than 1500 bottles in the cellar, the bar aims to bring a huge variety of wines that will impress everyone from aficionados to spritz drinkers. The menu is comprised of British cheeses and charcuterie, as well as small nibbles, all of which can be paired with a red or white. 

What we say:

With a trend for craft beers and crazier-is-cooler cocktails, it's refreshing to go back to something so simple yet wonderfully effective: the wine bar. Keith Marsden has the right contacts to ensure Cheval Blanc provides an excellent array of wine and food, with a slew of successful restaurants already under his belt. Swapping gimmicks for good quality wine and British cheeses, the wine bar provides evening socialisers with a more sophisticated option, without having to go to a restaurant - bring back the wine bar we say!