New bar spy - Bourne & Co.

New Brummie bar Bourne with a love for raw juice, coffee and cocktails opens

Bourne & Co.

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Now Open

What they say:

A haven for health-focussed juices, expert mixology and artisan coffee describes this new kid on Birmingham's bar scene. Bourne & Co. come armed with an array of taste-bud pleasing liquids so your thirst can be quenched is every way possible. Whether you're looking for a classic tipple, something with a fresh punch or just a steaming cup of the finest roast, this is your place. 

What we say:

Feel like checking in for your caffeine fix? Perhaps looking for a boost to your immune system and fancy a fruit-filled smoothie or a cleansing raw juice? If all of that sounds naff (because it does) and you need a stronger shake to get things going, think of Bourne & Co. as your barista, your boost and your booze all-in-one. Remembering the Golden Age in all its classic and vintage excess Bourne & Co. is a far cry from your average prohibition hideaway. It's timeless yet sets you up with everything from fresh juices to killer cocktails.