Basement Bars in Birmingham

Now, we know that dark and broody basements are the basis of many nightmares and horror stories, but there's nothing horrific about these great basement bars in Birmingham. Utilising the ground underneath Birmingham's feet, these bars host everything from live music nights and local gigs to cocktail bars and medieval themed wonderlands. Check out our recommendations of the best of what's lurking underneath Birmingham's concrete. 

Bacchus Bar

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Hidden from the masses of shoppers flocking to Birmingham's city centre is underground lair, Bacchus. Velvet curtains, Medieval artifacts and wrought iron features and have transformed what may have been considered a dungeon into a cosy pub in Birmingham. Advocating local ales and ciders, Bacchus keep their historic theme local. 


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Found in the heart of Birmingham's Gay Village, Sidewalk is a plush late night venue on the vibrant Hurst Street Strip. Another great venue in Birmingham putting bare exposed brickwork to its trendy good use, Sidewalk's basement bar is perfect for private parties and small corporate events that want to make use of its contemporary edge. 


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Perched under the latin scents of Bodega's South American dining room upstairs, Sugarloaf is a quaint, cosy and quirky basement venue with charm. Loaded with Mexican paraphernalia and sugar skulls adorning the walls, Sugarloaf is as colourful as the creative culture it's representing. A humble venue for local DJ nights and cocktail drinkers, this bar is a great mid-city retreat.

BrewDog Birmingham

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Vegan Monday

Whilst it may miss Brewdog's contemporary warehouse flair, their basement bar in Birmingham has a fun-fair of vintage nik naks that will keep your eyes busy. Primarily used for private and intimate taste testings of Brewdog's cleverly created craft beers, this basement bar could soon erupt into an extension of the ground floor's premium bar