Inamo - Unlimited Asian Tapas & Sushi

Unlimited Asian Tapas & Sushi
  • Valid 12 months from purchase


Feast on an unlimited supply of dishes from a menu with over 30 options.

Feast on an unlimited supply of dishes from a lengthy menu (see below) at our unique interactive ordering restaurant.

Sample Menu

Asian Tapas:

Sichuan Chicken
Hot & spicy chicken with chilli garlic sauce, ginger, onion and peppers.

Yuzu Pork Belly (GF)
Pork belly drizzled with a more-ish yuzu dressing.

Miso Aubergine (V,Ve)
Light tempura slices of aubergine drizzled in miso sauce. (vegan)

Chicken Karaage
Tender tempura chicken thigh served with a spicy mayo.

Bang Bang Cauliflower (V)
Cauliflower florets tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce.

Sweet & Sour Popcorn Pork
Pork fried and tossed in a zingy sweet & sour sauce

Vegetable Singapore Noodles (V)
Our vegetarian take on this classic South-East Asian dish.

Flamed Edamame (V,Ve) (GF)
Edamame flambéed in sake. 

Sweet and Sour Chicken
inamo's take on a classic Chinese dish.

Beef Gyoza Mango & Papaya Salad
Juicy beef gyoza with a mango, papaya & red onion salad.

Yakisoba Chicken Noodles (GF)
Chinese-style buckwheat noodles, chicken and vegetables tossed in a light but tangy sauce.

Teriyaki Beef Wraps
Tender beef in teriyaki sauce in a crisp lettuce leaf with chilli dressing.

Chicken Karaage Katsu
Tender tempura chicken thigh served with a katsu curry dipping sauce.

Vegetable Takoyaki (V,Ve)
Soft takoyaki dough balls with creamy vegetable centre in a ketjap manis sauce. (vegan)

Spicy Cucumber Salad  (V) (Ve)
Smashed chunks of cucumber served tossed in a spicy dressing (vegan)

Spicy Edamame (V) (Ve)
Edamame beans tossed in a spicy chili garlic and siracha sauce (vegan)

Kimchi Fried Rice
Fried rice tossed with kimchi, carrot, onion, & edamame, with a chilli & teriyaki sauce

Asian Fries with Spicy Mayo  (V, Ve) (GF)
Crispy fries dusted with shichimi and seaweed, served with spicy mayo. (vegan)


Butterfly Roll
Prawn tempura, unagi, and chives in a hosomaki roll drizzled with eel sauce.

Beetroot & Mango Roll  (V,Ve) (GF)
Beetroot & mango in a roll dusted with broccoli, served with mayo. (vegan)

Crispy Salmon Skin Roll
Tear drop shaped hosomaki with crispy salmon skin & lettuce drizzled in teriyaki.

Vegetarian Buddha's Way Roll (V,Ve)
Sweet mango and beetroot wrapped in inari. (Vegan)

Vegan Salmon Temaki  (V,Ve) (GF)
Delicate handroll with plant-based vegan salmon and avocado. (vegan)

Tuna Temaki (GF)
Succulent slices of fresh tuna in a handroll with crisp cucumber.

Red Dragon Roll (V,Ve) (GF)
Red peppers, crunchy cucumber and smooth avocado. The vegetarian sibling to our Dragon Roll. (Vegan)

Salmon Tataki with Lime Marmalade (GF)
Scottish salmon, topped with ponzu dressing, and tart lime marmalade.

Buddha's Way Roll
Salmon and tuna mixed with sriracha and wrapped in inari.


Asian Slaw  (V,Ve) (GF)
Light & crunchy slaw with mixed veg including edamame beans. (vegan)

Prawn Crackers (GF)
Crispy prawn crackers, with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.

Rice (V,Ve) (GF)
Steamed rice. (Vegan)

Miso Soup (GF)
Traditional Japanese soup with spring onion, seaweed & tofu.

Vegetarian Miso Soup (V) (GF)
A‎ vegetarian version of the traditional Japanese soup with spring onion, seaweed & tofu. (Vegan)

Miso Soup (GF)
Traditional Japanese soup with spring onion, seaweed & tofu.

The following dishes are available for a supplement per dish payable at the time of dining:

Beef Tataki Roll
Seared rare fillet steak wrapped around a roll of asparagus, chives, & pickle, drizzled with teriyaki.

Samurai Roll
Tender tuna, shrimp tempura & avocado, with BBQ sauce & red chilli. 8 pieces.

Crispy Vegetable Tempura (V,Ve)
Mixed vegetables in a light crispy tempura served with a dipping sauce. (vegan)

Beef Tataki (GF)
Seared bavette rare steak with ponzu and yuzu miso sauce, around a bed of rocket.

Korean Wings
Chicken wings, glazed in tangy Korean BBQ sauce.

Sweet Potato Bao Bun  (V)
Sweet potato slices in tempura batter, served with miso sauce and crunchy cucumber in a bao bun

Katsu Chicken Bao Bun
Tender chicken breast in crunchy coating, with baby gem, cucumber and tarragon mayo in a bao bun

Wagyu Beef Parcel
Napa cabbage leaves stuffed with wagyu beef mince & vermicelli noodles, served with yakiniku sauce

How to redeem

Email to book your table with the following information:

  1. venue
  2. date & time requested for booking
  3. number of guests
  4. contact email & mobile phone number
  5. copies of vouchers purchased

90 minutes of unlimited dishes from a set menu. Must be purchased & redeemed 4 hours before booking.

This voucher can be redeemed once only.

Redeemable at these venues


This voucher is valid for bottomless Asian tapas and sushi for one at any Inamo restaurant • Vouchers must be purchased and redeemed at least 4 hours in advance of your booking or you will be charged full price for your meal •  To book, please email and forward your voucher  •  All bookings are subject to availability •  Menu subject to change • Tables are restricted to 90-minute sittings last orders are 15 minutes before the end of your sitting • Customers may only order three dishes per person at a time - Subsequent orders will be processed only when 75% of the food served has been eaten •  The offer is valid for up to 25 guests, or 20 guests during peak times, in Covent Garden, and up to 16 guests in Soho • All diners seated at the table must have purchased a valid voucher and be able to provide valid voucher numbers, additional guests cannot be added • Alcohol will only be served to customers over 18 with valid ID • An optional 12.5% service charge on the purchase price will be added to your bill • This voucher cannot be cancelled, refunded, exchanged or used in conjunction with any other offer • no-shows will not be rebooked and vouchers will remain redeemed and not reusable