Virtual Team Building Activities In The UK

Times have well and truly changed, with working from home and social distancing being the words on everyone's lips. But just because you can't see your friends, family and colleagues in person, doesn't mean that you can't catch up with them. From remote online group games that bring a new meaning to after-work drinks to exercise classes that can be played via video link, this is our guide to the best virtual team building activities across the UK.

Last updated on 2nd July 2020

@ Your Home on Various dates from Thursday 2nd July 2020

Join a Forbes whisky expert and a World Whisky Awards Judge as they share their little black book on some of the best whiskies in the business. Perfect for a Friday team night, this online event will send you a sample of drinks beforehand, then explaining each tipple over the call - who needs the pub afterall?

Spectacular Pub Quizzes

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Looking for virtual team building activities in the UK? Let Spectacular Pub Quizzes do the work for you, as they bring you a vast selection with something for everyone. From Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings to Disney and Marvel, these are epic.

@ ONLINE on Various dates from Thursday 2nd July 2020

If you're looking to build your team in a creative, interactive way while in lockdown, this is the immersive online event for you. Log onto this murder mystery experience and try your hand at piecing together clues, quizzing witness statements and catching the culprit behind a gruesome crime. 

Old Skl Brunch

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Missing the fun, games and debauchery of Old Skl Brunch? Join them for a series of very special virtual events, including a pub quiz, party 'n' paint and of course, their signature brunch, all taking place in your living room. It's sure to bring your team together in a fun and unique way.

Whodunnit Events

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A lover of all things Sherlock? Think you've got the collective brains to uncover a murderer? Then Whodunnit Events is for you. Take your pick from one of their numerous online mystery evenings and work together to solve clues and discover the culprit.

Dabbers Quingo

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Dabbers is back and this time, the quirky bingo pros are bringing you music, comedians and hidden tricks with the launch of Quingo. Transforming your home into an uplifting destination, they're on hand with witty hosts, quizzical conundrums and treasure chests of virtual prizes.

@ Your Home on This event has taken place.

Moonstone Murder Mysteries' weekly live-streamed cases will see you and your team working together to uncover the murderer. Over the evening, a guest detective will introduce you to a line-up or questionable suspects, each with their own backstory and alibi, and offer you the opportunity to ask your own questions as you piece the puzzle together.

From online escape rooms that take you on journeys through the Da Vinci Code and Indiana Jones over to virtual chocolate tastings led by expert chocolatiers, Iconic VIP Tours are providing a range of activities to keep you occupied during the lockdown.

Social Isolation

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Don your finest fancy dress and ready yourself for an evening of epic bingo. Social Isolation is bringing a selection of mad dabbing events themed around everything from ABBA to boyband legends and 70s hits, with 10% of profit donated to charity.

Missing after-work drinks with your team? West London Wine School has got just the thing for you. Log on for virtual tastings and meet the winemaker sessions where you can dive deeper into the world of vino and guzzle some top-notch tipples.

@ Your living room! on Wednesday 8th July 2020 and 2 other Wednesdays

Dig out your oversized leather jacket, get your quiff on point and pop on some old-school Madonna for Play Dead London's hilarious 90s-themed online murder mystery. During the event you are your team will be working together to work out what happened to Dustin Cheeseman, following clues and meeting questionable characters along the way.

@ West London Wine School (VIRTUAL) on Tue, 16th Jun 2020 - Wed, 23rd Dec 2020

West London Wine School's brilliant customisable online drinks event is letting you decide the theme, length and number of tastings in your masterclass. Design the night with your team and get ready for a delicious tasting led by an expert host.