Best Haunted Pubs In The UK

Paranomal pubs? They're pretty ghoul, and we know where to find them across the UK. With a history like no other, these public houses are famous for the characters that roam their halls at night, from the clinking of chains to the chills down spins. For where to catch a thrill at some of the most haunted pubs in the UK, check out our recommendations for something spooky below.

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York: Golden Fleece

Britain's haunted pubs have a front-runner in York, and that comes in the shape of the Golden Fleece. Already housed in a city teeming with ghostly characters, The Golden Fleece not only celebrates the past with traditionalo interiors, you'll hear of scary tales of Lady Alice Peckett roaming the ahlls, along with another whopping 14 spectres.

London: The Viaduct

Temperatures dropping for no reason known? Spooky and strange noises about the place that you just can't put your finger on? Then you're probably in the Viaduct Tavern. Dating all the way back to 1875, this Fuller's pub was built on the site of an old jail, with remains of cells still to be found in its basement. Meaning? Ghosts, obviously.

London: Holly Bush

For chills that will truly be multiplying, head to a favourite of ours, The Holly Bush. A great pit stop when walking or visiting the famous cemeteries nearby, not only can you curl up in front of a roaring fire, you can surround yourself in some haunted British pub knowledge, including that of a ghost waitress notorious for taking your order, but never giving you what you asked for.

London: The Spaniards Inn

Hampstead is quite the hot bed of activity when it comes to ghosts and spirits from beyond the grave, with The Spaniards Inn also staking its claim over some of the areas most notorious stories. With an abundance of ghost stories attached, it's hard to keep up, but tales of Dick Turpin and Black Bess can be found here, or even heard.

Glasgow: Auctioneers

Don't let the carefree nature of a pub like Auctioneers fool you. While it's a staple for the city's students and great for catching a match and an affordable pint, its history as McTear's auction house has left it bubbling with creepy stories, with customers and staff alike sharing takes of falling glasses and items leaping from shelves.