A Brand New Moon-Themed Festival Is Coming To The UK This Year

tour de moon festival designmynight

Radical thoughts meets space antics.

New ways of thinking with some fun along the way? There's a new touring festival headed to the UK, and it's kind of out of this world.

Inviting you to think, dream and do differently, Tour De Moon is an immersive 3 city, 4 day festival with a whole host of things to do. Celebrating nightlight and culture combined, you can try moon experiences, moon games (featuring an inflatable moon playground), a moon cinema and even talk to the moon if you fancy it.

Brought to you by the founder of NASA's Space Orchestra, filmmaker and creative director Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun, not only is this festival set to tour Newcastle, Leicester and Southampton between May and June, it's contributing over £1m to bursaries for young creatives participating in the event's activities and pop-ups.

Looking for a 2022 experience that can eclipse all others? This could be it.

Tour De Moon takes place on 11th May - 16th June, nationwide, find out more about tickets here. You can also sign up for our UK newsletter to stay in the know about immersive events, experiences and shows heading your way soon.