The pre-festival panic shop, the themed bars, the sneaking booze tactics, the potential downpour, the stunning live music and the realisation that you may never be quite clean again; festivals, there ain't nothin' quite like them. But what does the UK have to offer? Well...... other than the best that is? From hidden nooks in the woods, and jaunts by the seaside, to music atop the hill and pyrotechnics that get you pumping, we've come up with a list of the best festivals in the UK......

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In The Woods

Secret Kent Location: September 2nd-3rd

If you go down to the woods today, you wont find a gaggle of bears screaming about 'this here surprise', you're going to find plush live music, echoing melodies, giant midnight bonfires and a barrage of bunting instead. While it may have started as a party for chums of the band Laurel Collective, In The Woods has grown into a woodland wonderland of acoustics and live bands in a charming, countryside setting. Give us smore.....


In The Woods promises prime woodland pickings in amongst charming live bands and delicate folk sets.

The Great Escape

Venues Across Brighton: May 19th-21st

Set across three roaring days, The Great Escape is the best live music festival that the coast has ever seen. From seafront sets and basement chord bashing, to must-see live shows and globally renowned indie bands, Great Escape's main components are loud and they're proud. There may not be camping, and you may not lose a welly in the sundown sludge, but you will discover amazing new talent and have a blast.


Great Escape is a Brighton institution, and markedly one of the best places to discover new bands in the UK. 


Winchester: August 11th-14th

A metropolis of miscreants and mischief, Boomtown is like an acid trip without the comedown thanks to stunning artistic production, diverse and themed streets, camping, performers and music to boot. Not bogged down by the one genre, music spans across them all at Boomtown, echoing their anything and everything goes stance in a world that's quite unlike any other festival that you've seen in the UK.

boomtown best uk festival blog

Boomtown plays by little to no rules, creating a utopia of freedom and fun the weekend long. 

Lounge on the Lake

Redrick's Lake, South: September 2nd-4th

Festivals, they're all about trying something different, and none more so than Lounge On The Lake tote that gnarly, party mantra. Hailing themselves as a ' beautiful cohesion of relaxation and partying', not only can you rustle around in the rustic and idyllic setting of Redrick's Lake alongside pop up casinos, hot tubs and yoga, Lounge On The Lake storm the DJ show with three live areas boasting the likes of Omar and Richy Ahmed. Buy your tickets here.

top uk festivals lounge on the lake

Idyllic, rustic and ramped up by some of the best DJs in the business come sundown.  

One Love Festival

Chigwell, Essex: September 2nd-4th

A festival in heart pumping homage to everyone's beloved roots and reggae raver, Bob Marley, One Love Festival is the ultimate testament of peace and love to all. Hailing itself as 'multi-cultural multi-ethical, free trade and environmentally-friendly', One Love is one of the friendliest and best festivals in the UK, with a top roots and dub roster to boot. 

one love best uk festival

Celebrate all things roots and reggae as One Love Festival provides the ultimate multi-cultural platform.

Secret Garden Party

Abbots Ripton, Huntingdon: July 21st-24th

Let's be honest, if there's one place to start when it comes to describing Secret Garden Party, the word incredible should justy about cover it. A foray into glitter, art, creativity, freedom and fun, Secret Garden Party is a UK festival unto its own. From partying on a pirate ship and discovering hidden woodland themed bars, to a sunflower field stroll and live music, Secret Garden Party is the perfect place to unleash your inner sprite.

secret garden best uk festival

When it comes to themed sets, creativity, fireworks and live music, Secret Garden Party has little to no contenders. 

Found Festival

South London, Brockwell Park: June 11th

Some of the best festivals in the UK needn't just be a foray into folk and indie, what if you're partial to the tides of house and techno instead? You've FOUND the right festival for you. Noted for some of the most sought after DJs in the business alongside steaming sets and a party atmosphere, Found is the London festival for those in need of bold beats and gnarly techno slides.

10 uk best festivals

Found Festival lays down the DJ gauntlet with some of the best deck spinners in the business.

MADE Birmingham

Birmingham, Midlands: July 30th

Taking the festival brigade to Birmingham, the Midlands are here to provide one of the top 10 festivals in the UK courtesy of MADE. Found at the heralded Rainbow Venues in Digbeth, MADE isn't just a top DJ showcase in an industrial and urban setting, there's street artists, designers, visual creativity, musicians and street food to boot. Not to mention that the electronic dance music is on point.

awesome uk festivals birmingham

MADE Birmingham has made its name in the Midlands thanks to classy sets and pyro work the weekend over.

Green Man

Brecon Beacons, Wales

Scoot on over to the green hills of Wales, as Green Man knocks on the door of some of the best festivals that the UK has to offer. A menagerie of green going-ons mixed with musical prowess, Green Man is not only a homage to humble folk and indie acts, Beacons babes (all 20,000 of them) can indulge in other-worldly sets, themed garden parties and more.

green man best uk festival events

The Brecon Beacons come alive with art and sound every year in Wales thanks to Green Man. 


Robin Hill, Isle of Wight

Early morning raves, themed attire, burlesque events, Mexican wrestling, art classes, dancing, DJs, live music and more. Bestival isn't just one of the top 10 festivals in the UK, it's a happening, and a god given right. One of the most colourful festivals on the UK roster, Bestival not only promises name musical talent, antics and events mean that getting your money's worth just isn't a problem. 

bestival best uk festival events

Bestival's crown as one of the most colourful festivals in the UK remains firmly intact.