Thorpe Park Are Celebrating Summer With A Huge New Carnival Experience

thorpe park carnival event 2022

Roll up. Roll up.

Thorpe Park Resort is coming up with more ways to make you feel alive this summer with their thrilling (and brand new) Carnival event, set to make its mark with adrenaline junkies in 2022.

When you're not taking in the 80mph speeds of Stealth, or hurtling down 85ft on the epic Tidal Wave, Thorpe Park has put on a mega series of attractions for the summer, including Trailers: Breakout At Bozo's a creepy maze with a hilarious twist, fire performers, free runners, and contortionists, along with plenty more circus acts to keep you entertained during your visit.

Thought that was all? From live music from The Flossers, mime troupes, and ringleader shows, it's truly a bonanza not to be missed as the entirety of the park is transformed into a celebration of all things Carnival.

You in? Us too.

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