Green Light: Here Are All The Places To Play Squid Game Challenges In The UK

Published . By Kavita Singh.

Let the games begin. No seriously! If you’re like us and absolutely smashed through the Netflix hit, Squid Game, you’re probably feeling those post-watch blues or binging YouTube analysis videos. But what if we told you can continue to bask in your fandom through their TikTok famous honeycomb or a round of Red Light, Green Light? Grab your needles and put your patience to the test as we break down the best places in the UK to play Squid Game challenges.

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Birmingham: The Old Crown

Think you're the ultimate Squid Game fan? Meet at The Old Crown in Digbeth for a chance to practice those killer trivia skills. Rest assured, this isn't your run-of-the-mill pub quiz. To keep things under wraps, the guards are staying tight lipped on what challenges you'll need to complete. Here's a hint though: Brush up on your childhood games and wear trainers. Otherwise expect to be eliminated. 

The Old Crown Birmingham Squid Game | DesignMyNight

Don't drink too much before playing Red Light, Green Light.

London: Korean Dinner Party

Don't be alarmed if you suddenly see people at the tube stop with the iconic business cards from Squid Game, no matter how daunting they might appear. They're probably from Korean Dinner Party in Soho. Take your pick from their cheesy corn dog roulette challenge or soju surprise. Once 456 (sound familiar?) rounds have been played, winners will be invited to the ultimate grand finale, where KDP will hand out a $1000 prize.

Korean Dinner Party Soho Squid Game | DesignMyNight

Choose to participate with booze or corn dogs.

Manchester: A Nice Sip

For those who haven’t watched the Netflix hit, dalgona candy is made in ladles over small burners and is a very popular treat amongst kids in Korea. Carve out the shape given to you without breaking, otherwise you lose. At A Nice Sip's Corn Exchange location, order two regular drinks: hot chocolate, tea or coffee, and the Taiwanese bubble tea cafe will award you the honeycomb with either a triangle, circle, star or umbrella cut out.

A Nice Sip Manchester Squid Game | DesignMyNight

Keep calm and carve carefully at A Nice Sip.

Staffordshire: Oatcakes And Milkshakes

Cross your fingers and hope you get a triangle or star shape at this challenge in Staffordshire. Oat and Milkshakes have launched the honeycomb monster milkshake game based on the Korean drama. For £10, you will have to cut out their dalgona in only two measly minutes. And if you manage to win? You’ll get your money back, along with that beautiful milkshake. Feel free to sneak in your lighter.

Oatcakes and Milkshakes Staffordshire | DesignMyNight

Steady your needles and be prepared to lick frantically if necessary.

Glasgow: Kcal Kitchen

Don't lose your marbles over the prize at this Scottish café. At Glasgow’s Kcal Kitchen, they are testing their customers, but with a devilishly delicious twist. You will be given a hefty stack of pancakes, topped with honeycomb resembling the candy from Squid Game. Using only a knife, you’ll have to carve out the pre-drawn shapes for the chance to win a free meal. Not too shabby if you ask us. 

Kcal Kitchen Glasgow Squid Game | DesignMyNight

The odds are stacked against you with Kcal Kitchen's challenge.

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