Baileys Gravy? We Want It. Here's How To Vote For It This Christmas

Baileys And Gravy

Forget your own Baileys drink recipe, it's all about the Baileys gravy. 

Baileys and gravy are both Christmas essentials, with the Irish cream brand selling 82 million bottles annually and the roast dinner essential being a popular favourite amongst 73% of Brits (some even drinking it through a straw). As the nation goes completely bonkers for both, we are proposing a legendary combination this silly season: Baileys flavoured gravy

As we're massively overdue an iconic Crimbo collab (the last being being the Mariah Carey and Biebz 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' remake) we think it's time that two become one legendary duo. 

So this is a PSA from us: We're calling for Baileys to make their own gravy. The sweet, savoury and all round delicious flavours would be unmatched, and we know you think so too. Jump aboard the gravy train and sign the petition below. 

The Baileys Gravy Petition will be active in the run up to Christmas Day and takes less than two minutes to complete. So what are you waiting for?