Here's How Mollie's Is Dominating The Affordable Hotel Market (And Doing It Stylishly)

mollie's oxford hotel review

Only 30 minutes away from the heart of Oxford.

Yep, getaways are expensive. Especially when the cost of boiling your kettle is feeling pretty diabolical these days. So how do you find the time to relax without tightening those purse strings to exhaustion? 

You get to know Mollie's.

Owning two sites across the UK, including an upcoming opening in Manchester, Mollie's are looking to be the champions of luxury on a budget. With rooms from as little as £70, and Soho House at the helm, we got to see exactly how this concept works at their Oxford location, where Conran furniture was flanked with Cowshed products (almost unheard of in a hotel room under £100). 

Set in the countryside, not only is Mollie's Oxfordshire filling our lungs with fresh air, their hotel is genuinely a taste of Shoreditch amongst the fields, of course, with that American-motel edge.

When my husband wasn't pouring over the technology to open our hotel, manage our booking and the television all from his phone (I agreed, it was pretty cool), I managed to get him over to the equally handsome diner, where a dinner of burgers and big milkshakes comes as standard. For me? An epic slice of charred salmon and tenderstem (£14), with a Beyond Meat burger for him (£10). The pickles? Make sure you double up on those.

After some quiet contemplation over a big US-style veggie breakfast, we were refreshed, and remained impressed at how this roadside spot had transformed what we thought of the budget hotel experience. Giving those big chains a run for their money? I hope Mollie's will.

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