What We Found Out In Our DesignMyNight City Survey 2022: The Restaurant Edition

A couple of months ago, we sent out a questionnaire that asked for your opinions and suggestions about all things restaurants. We found out some pretty juicy stuff, from what type of cuisine you want to see more of across the UK to who you really think should pay on the first date. Get the lowdown on the DesignMyNight City Survey 2022: The Restaurant Edition right here.

Who Your Preferred Dinner Date Is

Turns out, most of you usually eat out with your other half. If that sounds like you, we've got some date night inspo in our guide to the UK's best restaurants for couples. But when you're not cuddling up with your beau? You're either catching up alongside pals or spending quality time with family.

DesignMyNight City Survey Results | DesignMyNight

And 1.1% of you adore nothing more than dining out with colleagues. We love that.

How Often You Dine Out In A Week

  • 58% said that you either rarely dine out or do so just once
  • 38.5% mentioned that you treat yourselves to two or three restaurant outings
  • 2.5% opt for four to five dining excursions
  • 0.8% enjoy five or more meals out

City Survey Restaurant Edition Results | DesignMyNight

For more inspiration on where to eat out, check out our guide to the UK's top restaurants here.

What Makes You Book A Restaurant

When choosing a restaurant, turns out that the most important things to you are cuisine, location, price and decor. But 36.3% of you also said your decisions are based on special offers, while 19.4% love a bit of live entertainment and 16.2% go for spots with renowned chefs.

DesignMyNight City Survey 2022 | DesignMyNight

As for the puppy parents out there? 6% choose depending on whether the place is dog-friendly.

The Amount You Fork Out On A Meal For Yourself

  • 30.3% spend £21 - £30
  • 21.6% dish out £31 - £40
  • 18.9% pay £11 - £20
  • 11.9% rustle up £41 - £50
  • 2.2% cough up £90+

City Survey Results UK | DesignMyNight

It was a pretty mixed bag when it came to how much you lot spend.

What Cuisines You Want To See More Of

Mexican was the most requested cuisine you want to see more of, with a whopping 216 mentions. But next in line? It's Thai, Japanese, Greek, vegan then veggie. There were also a lot of mentions of African, fusion and Korean - one person also just put "lasagne", and buddy, we totally agree with you.

Cuisines London Wants To See More Of | DesignMYnight

Vietnamese and Caribbean were also pretty popular requests.

You Have Some Pretty Funny Stories To Tell...

While there were lots of burping, farting, spilling, face-planting, fire-starting, food-flinging, nudity and knickers on show stories, here are our favourites of the lot:

Busted: I took a girl on a date and liked it so much I took a different girl out there the next day, and the waiter said, “Aww, it’s so nice to see you two again!” He then realised and said, “Oh sorry, that was your sister!” as I said, “That was my friend…"

Uh-oh: My ex was the waiter at my anniversary dinner.

Calamity: Dining at a nice restaurant in Madeira in a glass-walled area - a pigeon flew in, bounced off the wall and into my partner's head. He fell over and knocked over the table and a giant vase.

Oops: Left my bra on the table after taking it off mid-meal.

He got curried away: My friend got us chucked out for smashing papadums on his head all night.

Embarrassing Stories City Survey 2022 | DesignMyNight

Someone also got kicked out of a restaurant for stealing a llama statue... we won't even ask.

And When We Asked Who Pays On The First Date?

“The feminist in me says 50/50, but I agree with 50 Cent… Depends on who initiated it!”

“I always say that I would be happy to pay 50/50. However, I do like it when the guy pays as it feels like the time shared was enjoyed. Also, it allows me to get the bill next time.” 

“If you enjoy their company, you split it! If you didn't, they can pay. Women have a pay gap to suffer through, add a bad date/ignorant pompous man to the mix?! He can pay.” 

Who Pays On The First Date | DesignMyNight

Most of you think that going dutch is the best option.

What You'd Rather...

69.4% of you would rather eat your favourite food for every meal for the rest of your life than never eat it ever again.

51.3% said they'd prefer to have dinner with their ex-friend rather than their ex-partner. 

85.5% claimed they'd choose a fantastic date at an awful restaurant, compared to those who'd go for a terrible date at an excellent one.

50.3% can imagine themselves clubbing alongside Gordon Ramsay over spending the day with Nigella Lawson. But you were pretty torn with this one. 

DesignMyNight City Survey Funny Results | DesignMyNight

Who could say no to that angry, angry face?

Your Hidden Gem Recommendations:

You guys recommended a bunch of fantastic local heroes, independent favourites and hidden gems all across the UK, but as there were so many, we've compiled just a few of them for you below:


  • Giovanni, Knightsbridge
  • Istanbul, Colliers Wood
  • Schnitzel Forever, Stoke Newington
  • Chupitos, Welling
  • Acme Fire Cult, Dalston


  • Gup Shup, Colmore Row
  • Alicia’s Micro Bakehouse, Stirchley
  • Rico Libre, Deritend
  • The Proud Sicilian, Harborne
  • Siamais, Ozells Street


  • 10 Tib Lane, City Centre
  • Bar Juan, Chorlton
  • The Little Yeti, Chorlton-cum-Hardy
  • Nibble, Oldham Street
  • The Dockyard, Salford Quays


  • Lunya, Hanover Street
  • Sanskruti, Bixteth Street
  • Catoccio, Aigburth Road
  • Noya Concept, Muirhead Avenue
  • Dale Street Kitchen, Westminster Chambers


  • Hama, Woodhouse Lane
  • The Owl, Mustard Wharf
  • Grameen, Horsforth
  • Bibis, Sovereign Street
  • Jinnah, York Road

Discover more of the best restaurants in the UK by checking out our guide here and signing up to our newsletter.