Yard & Coop - Restaurant Bar Review

Thought you knew all there was to know about fried chicken in Manchester? Think again. Now out of the array of fried chicken, fast food joints a hidden gem arises. After all, you’d prefer a pint with your sharer bucket right? Hold on to your chicken as there’s a hungry fox in town (hint: it's me). 

The Venue 

Just a bone’s throw away from the vibrant Northern Quarter, Yard & Coop is discreet yet accessible. Greeted by a smiling face and the scent of chicken-a-fryin’, we were ready to get our fingers dirty. The venue gives a cosy welcome with splashes of colour and thoughtful details against a stripped back, exposed space. The chicken coop theme is evident as caged lights stoop from the ceiling and simplistic coop-like benches line the room, all overlooked by a hungry looking fox to complete the all out Chicken Run feel. Amongst this, colourful plastic chairs and elongated tables work to create a familiar canteen like vibe - perfect for getting messy and gnawing from the bone. 

yard and coop review manchester

Canteen cool exudes from the Yard & Coop in the Northern Quarter.

Food and Drink 

They don’t cluck about here. Simplicity is key, and with chicken that’s just the way we like it. Order yourself a large plate for £9.  Just choose your chicken, choose your flavour, sauce and finally, how you want it all held together. Will it be a burger today, or a wrap? Next you’ve got simple, yet creative, “small plates, sides, bits and things”. We loved the onion petals with chorizo, £3, and the battered salty jalapenos, £2: finger lickin' goodness at its best. 

Too much choice? Opt for the Yard & Coop sharing bucket for four at £40. Chicken and a pint = winning.  Putting Nandos to shame (a tall order in my opinion) all options come with the house own buttermilk fried chicken with secret recipe crumbs. Just the word ‘buttermilk’ had our attention. And with a stand-out beer and cocktail menu more extensive than the list of chicken, this canteen-chic coop is a perfect starting venue for a night on the town.  

yard and coop review chicken restaurant manchester

Buttermilk fried chicken is the dish of the day at this Northern Quarter restaurant.

The Atmosphere 

Ideal for a post work catch up or a quick bite before hitting the town, this joint will tickle the fancy of all chicken lovers. Nostalgic old school hip hop tracks above the murmured chatter of the diners creates a comfortable surrounding to sit back and loosen those waist belts in preparation for the feast ahead.  Each section of the restaurant offers a different vibe as groups gather at long tables, pairs catch up snug in the corner and those lovers out there can nestle up in your own personal poultry coop beneath a sky of fairy lights. Naw.   

yard and coop review northern quarter

Cutesy coops and orange flecks make up the bones of Yard & Coop.


We’re all just too used to collecting our fried chicken in brown paper bags in a desperate attempt to cure a hangover rather than giving the blessing that is fried chicken the attention it deserves. Universally appreciated, maybe it’s time to add a bit of style to our chicken infatuation, how about with a cocktail on the side?