New bar spy - The Creameries

The Creameries is bringing freshly baked bread, salad walls, and tasty cheese to Chorlton

The Creameries

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Now Open

What they say:

After a lot of waiting, and £32,000 raised on Indiegogo, The Creameries restaurant is finally opening in Chorlton. The venture is renovating a former Edwardian dairy and transforming it into a space that plans to blur the boundaries between the kitchen and customer, while delivering ethically-sourced, locally-grown food. It’s a family-friendly venue too, with a dedicated kids area filled with books, arts and crafts, and they’ll be hosting regular events ranging from cookery classes to wine tastings. This is all coming to you from chef Mary-Ellen McTague, who has some impressive credentials as sous chef at Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck and Head Chef at beloved Manc restaurant Aumbry.  

What we say:

When they say its freshly made, they mean it’s freshly made. You’ll find a beautiful salad wall in the venue, where the greens for your meals can be plucked in front of your eyes, and the open bakery will let guests watch as freshly baked bread is prepared. Alongside the bread, they’ll also focus on British and Irish cheese, home-churned butter and fresh curds. The separate lunch and supper menus are similarly themed, focused on locally-grown vegetables and ethically-sourced seafood, fish and meat.