New bar spy - Love Thy Neighbour Chorlton

Naughty health-conscious eatery Love Thy Neighbour to open in Chorlton

Love Thy Neighbour Chorlton

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Early 2018

What they say:

If you’re a healthy gym-goer when the sun’s up and a ‘how did I drink so much whiskey last night’ when it’s the moon’s turn, it looks like you’ve found your new favourite eatery in Chorlton. Love Thy Neighbour is the brand’s second venue, after its success in Liverpool, and offers health-conscious food - with lots of vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian options - in the day before becoming very indulgent at night. At the venue's core is a carefree attitude, however, hoping to evoke the fun atmosphere of holiday destinations like Ibiza and LA with an interior of neon signs and living walls. There’s also plywood signs with tattoo designs reading slogans like ‘Avocado is BAE’…

What we say:

Love Thy Neighbour was built from the ground up to feature on your Instagram account. Whether it’s you posing in front of that avocado sign with the hashtag #meAF, or the daytime health food of Buddha bowls and chickpea pancakes that’ll fit so perfectly next to those two casual gym selfies, it’s a very good place to work on your #brand. But once the light goes low, they trade the turmeric lattes, pressed juices, and smoothies of the day for creative cocktails like charcoal black daiquiris, vegan wines and beers. And with it, the food menu starts offering up indulgent treats, from chicken wings to falafel – but don’t worry, we won’t tell if you don’t.