New bar spy - The Clink Café

The Clink Charity Brings Café Staffed by Ex-Inmates to Manchester's City Centre

The Clink Café

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April 2018

What they say:

It's not every day you eat in a café staffed mostly with ex-inmates, but The Clink Café in Manchester looks to be another positive step for prisoners upon release. The Clink, a charity focusing on the rehabilitation of prisoners, has four restaurants located within jails. The Café is an exciting addition to Manchester as they have also teamed up with Centrepoint Charity to staff homeless youth. Located in the city centre, the café will be its first venture outside of a prison building, serving fresh food and drink to its customers.  

What we say:

The Clink Charity's mission to reduce reoffending rates has changed the lives of many prisoners that have been employed in its restaurants. With the opening of The Clink Café they have the opportunity to continue work in the food service industry post-release. A change from the restaurants in the prisons, The Clink Café will teach its staff barista skills. Customers can stop by for a quick coffee or lunch break knowing they will receive high-quality service and be supporting an outstanding charity.