New bar spy - Shoryu Ramen

Mancunians, ready your chopsticks. Shoryu Ramen is heading North.

Shoryu Ramen

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What they say:

The London-based ramen chain have always been vocal about their love for Manchester, so it should come as no surprise that Shoryu Ramen are jubilant that they look to have secured their first northern outpost. Shoryu are looking forward to exhibiting the best of traditional Japanese gastronomy to Mancunians - super slurpy and exceptionally scrumptious dining. 

What we say:

Manchester is crying out for a new noodle bar, so Shoryu Ramen's northward venture is a welcome one. Even better, this isn't Japanese cuisine that has been detrimentally modified to cater for prim and proper westerners, this is traditional Japanese grub - thick brothy ramen that's just begging to be slurped up. If you're a bit of a mucky pup, you're gonna need to be extra cautious here.