New bar spy - Filthy Cow

Buoyant burger joint here to knock London off its perch

Filthy Cow

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Now Open

What they say:

Filthy Cow aren’t here to make up the numbers. Sick and tired of hearing all about London’s pioneering foodie scene, they’re arriving on Tib Lane with the aim of becoming your “ultimate guilty pleasure”. Promising only the finest meaty morsels cooked with “quality, genuine passion and a sense of fun”, there’s also going to be a lot of focus on craft beers, creamy milkshakes and a wine list that chops and changes on a weekly basis.

What we say:

A hearty burger joint pledging to use top-notch (and locally sourced) cuts of beef can only be a winner in our eyes. The ‘skin-on’ chips and ‘slaw’ side acts will provide that authentic Americana edge, and with the chance to enjoy a burger, chips, ice cream and a pint for a shade over £15, value for money seems secure at Filthy Cow too.