Urban Cookhouse Street food and supping from new Urban Cookhouse
54 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6HS
Happily Affordable ££
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What they say:

Heaven isn't a half-pipe, it's an urban cookout, or shall we say cookhouse. Opening on Princess Street in late 2014, Violet Hospitality take to the Manchester scene for a drinking and dining destination that totes international street food and 'exquisite concoctions behind the bar'. Coming at you seven days a week, there's plenty more to be unveiled when it comes to Urban Cookhouse.

What we say:

After recently reading an article that suggests Manchester's restaurant scene is being bogged down by the influx of street food affairs, it's pretty nice to that some restaurants need not be dispelled by such commentary. And while street food should be inherently reserved for well, the street, we don't see nowt wrong with a dining destination that can echo the high-end, sensibly sourced chow at reasonable prices. Especially when they're throwing in cracking concoctions for good measure.