Who on earth are The Liquorists? Well, they are a bunch of liquor fanatics on a booze fuelled mission to educate fellow enthusiasts on Manchester's rich bar scene. This worthy cause translates into a bloody good laugh, a bit of handy info and lots of cut price booze for its punters. Once a month, there is the fine old opportunity to potter around five top Manchester bars, guzzling drinks and lending an ear to The Liquorists' amusing commentary. 

The Christmas tour has some special festive joie de vivre thrown in; following the usual winning formula but with fancy dress obligatory. Commencing at 6pm or 7pm and going on until 10pm or 11pm, there is every possibility of hitting the town afterwards. Adding a hilarious and whimsical element to the evening, stumbling around town with Santa and his elves is a charming prospect for all fun loving folk. 

A boozy exploration into Manchester's bar scene is ideal to get the festive season in full swing. 

This ain't just any old bar crawl, this is a Liquorist special; so expect some very snazzy touches to be thrown your way. For starters, the drinks at your disposal will include a cocktail and a spirit taster with its own bespoke food sample to match. Forget the stale peanuts and soggy crisps, these morsels present the best in modern food's scientific prowess. Tit-bits may include air dried fillet steak, roasted chestnuts and more such novel wares. 

Walking? Don't be absurd. Of course, there will be a chauffeur driven car to shuttle you between bars. What with all the excellent liquor around, getting a little unsteady on your trotters is a very possible eventuality; so the door to door service will be appreciated. 

The Liquorists' Christmas Cracker Trails begin on 9th November and run on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays until 12th December. Ticket prices start at £30 per head.