You've huffed hot nitbits at any and all B.EAT Street events, and you've gorged on goodies down at Guerilla Eats, but what next for Manchester's ever blossoming street food scene? While many in the city may scrunch their noses up at London influences, food really cares not for your moans and groans as another taste of Shoreditch comes calling. 

Already a staple on East London's eating scene, Urban Food Fest has not only received praise from high-flyers the likes of Esquire, the New York Times and Shortlist, we like to think we know a little something about everything here at DMN, so we're here to give it a pat on the back too. A siren's call of food tents, craft beer and independent food purveyors that craft dishes as well Leonardo Da Vinci did just about anything, Manchester gets a slice of this must-try pie in 2015 as Urban Food Fest comes calling on February 28th. 

urban food fest manchester 2015

Stunned by the camera and delicious dishes, this could be you at Urban Food Fest.

Taking to the Euro Car Parks once Valentine's Day has had it's wicked way with those in love, and those wickedly lonely, Urban Food Fest will bring about a menagerie of meals for the city to try. 15 different food trucks, a cocktail bar and live music make up the haul of hearty plates this February as dishes the likes of 'Mexican BBQ beef & hot sauce burritos, Middle Eastern falafel wraps, Spanish chorizo & chicken paella, chipotle chilli venison & slaw, tofu hot dogs with jalapeños & melted red cheese, Peruvian choripán with chimichurri' will leave tongues wagging, while the length of that sentence probably wont.

Coming heavily prepped with unique ales, craft beers and a cheeky pint o' prosecco if your gut will allow it, dishing it out with chums on a bench in a car park has never sounded so damned delicious. At least not since Tamagotchi's were still in that is. Another great event that ever tucks into Manchester's brilliant food scene.

urban food fest street food manchester

Independent traders and charming locals make up the bulk of street food teams at Urban Food Fest.