rum trails manchester

Sugar cane and fame, two things that come easily to spirit toting party patrons and liquid denizens, The Liquorists.

It's been rationed throughout history, used as a beauty product and heralded by lust-lover Lord Byron, so what next for this beloved Caribbean fare? Taking that boozy ball and knocking it out of the park, drinking duo The Liquorists return with their favourite liquid endeavour, The Rum Trails. A night on the Manchester tiles for those that know their way around, or would like to get to know a rum toting cabinet, The Rum Trails is a unique bar crawl through the city.

A great way to get to know fellow city schmoozers and some of the best rum that Manchester has to boast, The Liquorists will be taking you through a trail of some of Manchester's finest, all before landing at their very own liquid lair, #22Redbank. Spread over five heralded city bars, you, your chums and new pals alike will be knocking back five cocktails, spirit samples and Caribbean food from Eat and Sweet, and all at just £30 a ticket. Set across various August dates, and finishing up September 19th, The Rum Trails is a damn delicious way to uncover the city, and other rum-lovers alike.