El Capo launch new Cellar Cantina

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

From Andean states down to the Southern Cone, never has a venue in Manchester appeared to sweep so many South American and Mexican borders; until El Capo came 'a' calling that is. Less a Once Upon A Time in Mexico flop and more a down right Dusk Til Dawn success, El Capo have made their mariachi themed marked in the city. Toting over 70 types of tequila and ploughing palates with over 21 robust cocktails, this South American jaunt has been nothing but buena onda since their opening, and their next edible endeavour is no less a fun feat. 

el capo manchester cellar cantina

Bustling down in the basement, El Capo launch their Cellar Cantina this August 22nd.

Keeping a promise they made to punters before even opening, El Capo will be launching their own Cellar Cantina this August 22nd for the city's Hank Marvin denizens. While the interiors will be suitably similar to the rustic, Mexican cool of their main bar, the Cellar Cantina will also boast Peter Skelton's bustling brick-laden imagination with a frame toting black and white films. 

Set to host a menu cultivated from ideas and adventures found across a trip of South America through a period of months, the Cellar Cantina will serve everything from tacos and enchiladas, to Xocolate chili and a chocolate and rice pudding. And here's a chipper deal if any, there's 50% off food for the first two weeks of opening. You lucky little güey.