New bar spy - Lost Cat

A Secret Rooftop Bar Hidden Behind A Northern Quarter Florist? Get To Know This Manchester Newbie

Published . By Jasmine Lee Kennedy.

Lost Cat


Now Open

Silly cocktails and bagels slathered with an obscene amount of meat and cheese? Yes, please.

From the team behind Crazy Pedro’s, The Liars Club and other Manny favourites comes a new bar that doubles as a sandwich shop over on Oldham Street. And did we mention they also have a rooftop terrace? This place just gets better and better.

Make your way through the Bud and Pot, a new local florist which fronts the shop, and enjoy all that this unassuming venue has to offer. They have an all-day menu of breakfasts, bagels and burgers served up by sandwich connoisseurs, Eat New York (the previous residents of the venue); menu highlights include their huevos rancheros, vegan meatball subs and loaded fries.

They also have an eyebrow-raising menu of quirky cocktails – one even has carrot cake syrup and a cream cheese foam – as well as a strong selection of beers and wines. Yes, this is a casual spot for drinking with your mates in the day, but at night we’ve been told to expect serious party vibes. They’ll soon be launching live music nights and open air cinema screenings, but until then, you can simply sun yourself while digging into their frankly mouthwatering dishes and drinks.