Underdog, £1 House Party - Manchester Club Night Review

Last week saw Underdog throw the raging rave, £1 House Party. A night where a selection of Manchester’s best clubbing brands came together to facilitate local house and techno lovers to assemble at the end of a very dry January. 

House Party Underdog

The £1 House Party brought together Manchester's biggest and best loved club nights. 

The house party was clearly a popular destination for the night, as the queues into Underdog were extensive. You could taste the desperation to attend, and the palpable joy at only having to pay a measly pound to get in. We entered the dungeon of beats and were greeted by a mob of cool kids with beards and buns in their own trance of beat appreciation. The red haze of lights illuminated the silhouettes of the crowd punctuated by green flashes from the strobe lighting. In terms of production value, the night immediately pleased.

Underdog Manchester

Underdog is an intimate party pad, that lends itself to low-key, laid-back raving. 

The DJ sets streamed seamlessly from one to the other, creating a flawless backing track to a great night. The sets from FRANK, Meat Free, NXNW, Kids Nowadays, Bootleg, Beatnik and four20 (all the big-hitters of MCR clubbing) worked brilliantly one after the other. The music was tangible in the air; any change of rhythm could be felt through the floor. Although you have to be an appreciator of house genre to enjoy an event like this, it was not crucial to be familiar with every track played.

All in all it was a great night, cheap entry, immense DJs, cracking tunes, and a much-welcome knees-up after a long, broke, sober, January. With rumours already circulating of another House Party to follow soon, we'll be first in the queue at Underdog, with our quid in-hand.