Come to Momma.

Everybody knows that the best bits of a Sunday Roast are the meat, the gravy, and the Yorkshire Puds. So I was delighted to discover on a recent trip to The Wharf in Castlefield that you can now get all of these bits in one handy sandwich. Yes, SANDWICH. 

Bread? Pfft. So passe. Give us two flattened Yorkshire Puddings instead, filled with a few slices of hot roast beef, onion, and just enough gravy to not dribble all over your hands (although I still managed it.) All yours for £6.95.

The Wharf does a really decent line in sophisticated pub grub, and with the colder weather drawing in it makes a cosy spot for lunch or dinner in front of - or at least in sight of - an open fire. They've also been nominated for Manchester Food and Drink Festival's 'Food Pub of The Year', in which we of course wish them the best of luck. 

Yorkshire Pudding lovers (that's all of us, then) should also be aware that you can get Yorkshire Pudding wraps at the Piccadilly Gardens Farmers Market. More Yorkshire Pudding updates as we get them.