Sharing is caring (apparently), and a cocktail shared is a cocktail, er, doubled. So grab a friend or three and head out to some of our favourite Manchester bars for cocktails with a more sociable twist.  

Ketel One Cocktails

Apotheca, £19.50


Taking pride of place on Apotheca's imaginative menu of "cocktails, intoxicants, liquors, liqueurs, potions and poisons" are their signature Ketel One cocktail sharers. Containing six units of alcohol and designed to serve 2-4 people, the Ketel Vodka based concoctions will make you feel like a wizard and come in three varieties; the 'Citizen Ketel', the 'Pot, Ketel, Black' and 'Cosmo Ketel'. 

Shot Roulette

Vega Lounge at Manchester235. £40 (8 shots)

Shot Roulette

Adding a playful twist to shot drinking, the Shot Roulette is a mini roulette wheel surrounded by shots. Just spin the wheel, and drink the shot next to the number that you land on. Shots come in different levels of strength - from light and fruity to hard and strong. So choose your level and get (your head) spinning. Book your table at Vega Lounge now to try it for yourself. 

The Ball

All Star Lanes, £30

All Star Lanes

Served in a metallic bowling ball, The Ball scores a strike every time with a fruity blend of Jack Daniel's, Grand Marnier, maple syrup, blueberries, lemon and apple juices. Designed for 3-4 to share. 

Empire State of Shots

Neighbourhood, £40


If you've ever wondered how King Kong felt swinging around the Empire State Building (but drunk) then wonder no more. Head to NYC themed restaurant Neighbourhood and ask for their Empire State of Shots - eight shots of your choice arranged artfully around a mini Empire State Building. With a sparkler in the top for good measure.