screenfields returns to manchester

Remember tales of stringing up bedsheets and dated projectors with your favourite Power Rangers sequel? Up the ante at Spinningfields this year at Screenfields returns for another bought of movie beauties. 

Taking once more to the luscious Spinningfields lawns this Summer in Manchester, Screenfields returns to bring movie-mad punters a taste of affordable film medicine. An al fresco cinema experience, Screenfields boast some of the best movies in the business, and all in the heart of the city. Toting movies such Back to the Future, The Goonies and Coming To America, Screenfields not only have a slap up selection of movies, you can dabble in such entertainment for just £3 a pop on viewing nights, with special VIP events and screening for those of newly opened Lawn Club membership. 

With over 100,000 people taking to the lawns last year, we're not surprised that plush summer tipples, movies out on the grass and deck loungers are such a big hit in the city, it's a ruddy ball! Screenfields kicks off this May 1st with 1980s classic, Back to the Future.