Our night at the Manchester235 casino....

Published . By Kiran Flynn.

Up until recently, I’d never once stepped foot into a casino. After being invited to visit Manchester235 in Deansgate though, this was all about to change…

Preconceptions of casinos had pretty much all come from James Bond movies, so as you can imagine, I didn’t know what to expect. You know in the movies when you’ve got no idea what’s going to be on the other side of the door? And then it opens and you’re flooded with colour and an unknown world? Yep, that’s what the first sight of the inside of a casino was like for me. Hit with that indulgent, velvety red miasma and the sound of spinning roulette tables, my companion and I were totally transfixed with the atmosphere.

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Manchester235 is one of the most noted casinos in the city, so we went by to check it out.

We must’ve looked like two lost pups as we headed over to Vega Lounge for a couple of cocktails before our first foray into gambling. Fitting in with its flashy name, the bar was bright, modern and swanky with bedazzling lights all over the place. The cocktails were great too; we each opted for a 235 cocktail – Manchester235’s delicious twist on the classic Bellini, with a shot of Amoretto mixed in to sweeten the deal.

Practising our poker faces, we then head over to the Blackjack table where we met employee-of-the-month Dave who walked us through the rules of the game. Charisma personified, Dave kept us giggling, as we played pretend with our beginner bets and finally got the hang of it. We imagined that Dave would manage groups of differing sizes and abilities in his stride, cracking gags at every opportunity… Manchester235’s very own joker.

You don't have to go big or go home thanks to accessible tables at Manchester235.

Later, flipping our complementary £5 bet coins (given to all large groups), we decided to play Roulette like the big boys. Safe to say, we’d run out of beginner’s luck and left empty handed, but we felt like winners nonetheless…  we had an ace time!

Don’t hedge your bets; get over to Manchester235 casino. You’ll love it… you can bet your bottom dollar.