Our Top 5 2014 Nightlife Trend Predictions for Manchester

Last updated . By Claire Byrne.

Pub Parties in Manchester

2013 was a great year for Manchester nightlife, new cocktail joints set up shop, old favourites re-opened, Deansgate got even more stylish, the Northern Quarter got even cooler, and Media City got, well, media-ier. With bars thriving and business booming, it looks like 2014 is set to be a great year for Manchester. Take a look at our predictions for the top trends for the city's bars, pubs and clubs over the next twelve months... 

Pub Parties 

So we love our fancy schmancy clubs like the next glammed-up guy or gal, but we're also pretty partial to a party in a pub. Manchester pubs have been serving up more than just real ales and gastro grub of late, they've also been churning out some cracking club nights too. With venues like Joshua Brooks and Trof NQ throwing DJ nights to rival some of the finest dance venues in the city, we reckon pubs will be where the party's at in 2014. 

Drinks Tastings in Manchester

Bars like Odd have been holding food and drinks tastings, leading the way for barflies and foodies alike. 

Trying Tipples 

Drinks tastings have been going down easy in Manchester throughout 2013, and there's little doubt the new year will offer more of the same. Mancunian palettes are growing ever-more discerning and we've gathered quite the taste for gin, whisky, rum and wine with guys like the Drinks Enthusiast and The Liquorists leading the revolution. From cocktail mixing to food pairing, boozy events are on the up - so don't simply just order a drink in 2014, sniff it, sip it, and learn what's in it, first. 

Latino bars in Manchester

Lucha Libre is the latest Latino addition to the Manchester bar scene. 

Latino Lovelies

Manchester's been feeling the heat lately with a plethora of Central American-themed bars. Among our faves are Cuba Cafe in Piccadilly and Revolucion De Cuba in Deansgate. Now with recent addition Lucha Libre swinging tacos and tequila all over town, we reckon the next twelve months will see Manchester turning developing a serious margarita dependency. 

Burlesque in Manchester

The Whim Wham Cafe hosts some of the finest burlesque performers in Manchester. 

Burgeoning Burlesque

Cabaret is a trend hitting bars and clubs all over the country, but Manchester's got a particular love for a little tease and tassel. With some of the finest performers in the nation doing their thing in the city, bars have been laying on some cracking shows with everyone from Manchester 235 to the Whim Wham Cafe getting in on the act. It may still be a little under the radar in the city, but we reckon burlesque will be big for 2014. 

Old School Raving in Manchester

Albert Hall brought legendary Hacienda DJs back together for one night only on NYE.

Old School Raving 

Manchester clubbers are getting sentimental. Harking back to by-gone days where Manchester was the centre of the universe for clubbing. Over recent weeks we've seen Hacienda DJs reunite for the first big clubbing event in the new Albert Hall, we've seen beloved raver den Sankey's re-open and we've seen the announcement of new member's club Kiki's promise the ultimate night out for the 1990s MCR party posse. Nostalgia is nothing new, but when it comes to the venues, the decks and the dancefloor, old school Manchester will be coming back to haunt us in 2014. 

Let us know what you think? What trends do you think will be bit in Manchester this year?