Manchester235 reveals new name for bar and innovative cocktail concepts

Last month we reported that Manchester235 would be re-launching their first floor Fusion Bar in June, with a Vegas inspired look and brand new name. The bar's new name has now been revealed as… (drumroll please)… 'Vega Lounge'


Vega Lounge will launch in Manchester235 at the end of June

As you astute science fans will know, 'Vega' is the name of one of the brightest stars in the Northern Hemisphere. And to everyone else, it sounds a bit like 'Vegas'. So pulling these themes together, organisers have chosen the name based on its "strong links to bright lights, Las Vegas and the North". All of which are good things in our book. 

The refurbished and rebranded bar will re-open to the public at the end of the month, with a new food and cocktail menu to match its new look. 

Bar consultants Escapade have been brought in to work on the cocktail menu, which sounds, quite frankly, bonkers. In a good way, of course. 'The Vault' for example, will be a cocktail presented inside a modified safe with a working lock, TNT explosives on the side and lit sparklers.

'Shots Roulette' meanwhile, will see shot glasses presented in a mini roulette wheel while other cocktails will see playing cards and unusual glass designs worked into their presentation.

Justin Carter, Venue Director at Manchester235, said; “We’re extremely excited to announce the rebranding of Fusion to VegaLounge. We believe this name reflects everything the bar represents – it’s engaging, exciting and immediately resonates with the glamour of Vegas. As one of the only late night venues in the city, we believe we have created a bar that people will want to spend time in, regardless of whether they are coming to gamble or not.”

Vega Bar re-opens to the public from the end of the month. Make a free online booking now to reserve your table for dinner or drinks.