manchester loves cocktails festival 2016

Manchester Loves Cocktails shines a warranted light on some of the most bespoke concoctions in the city.

Manchester really does love cocktails, there ain't no muddle, mix or cinnamon stick about it. So what if there were a festival that could combine the very best of the city's finest drinks, at cut-cost prices in some of its very best bars? Well what do we have here then.....

Headed to Manchester, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, Manchester Loves Cocktails is throwing seven days of serious cocktail shade at the city as it has invited over 20 of its bars to partake in a seven day long affair. Not only boasting £4.50 cocktails at selected venues, Manchester Loves Cocktails will also bump up the cocktail bustle further with a selection of over 30, drinks themed events in the city. Looking to get involved? You only need a wristband to do so.

Here's just a selection of the venues you can expect to see getting involved in the festival: HULA Manchester, The Liars Club, Luck Lust Liquor & Burn, Lost In Tokyo, Mojo and many more.

Manchester Loves Cocktails festival takes place in the city from August 8th-14th at a selection of the very best cocktail bars in town.