Proof Chorlton Liquid Brunch

Kick your hangover to the curb with Proof's Liquid Brunch menu, available every Saturday and Sunday 

Some say it's gallons of coffee. Some advocate the good old fry up. For others, it's all about the smoothies. But for us, there's nothing like a bit of hair of the dog to cure even the cruellest of hangovers. 

That's why we're all over Proof's Liquid Brunch menu, which offers lots of boozy ailments and classic hangover remedies for those morning-after-the-night-before woes. We say morning; it's actually available from 12pm. But if you're up and about before 12pm the day after a heavy night, then quite frankly you're not doing it right. 

The menu includes a selection of comforting brunch themed cocktails including the Brunch Martini (Chase Marmalade Vodka, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Cointreau, red grapes and marmalade) and Proof's excellent twist on the Bloody Mary - the Beet n' Bloody - which will kick your hangover to kingdom come with a mix of Jalapeno and Black Pepper infused tequila, spiced tomato juice, lime and beetroot. If you're feeling really brave/desperate, give the Morning Star Chelada a go - Estrella Lager, spiced Clamato juice and a raw egg. Mmm. 

Proof Liquid Brunch

Proof's armoury of hangover remedies for the morning after the night before

If your tummy's crying out for more than just liquid then a range of filled bagels will oblige, or an indulgent portion of fresh oysters served up with lemon, salsa and Tabasco.  

Cocktails are £6.50 each, or you can get two for £12. £10 will get you a cocktail and a bagel. Your hangover won't know what's hit it. 

The Liquid Brunch Weekender, every Saturday an Sunday from 12-4 at Proof, Chorlton. 

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