Gastro Night at Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is a favourite amongst our team for escaping the office in the middle of the day for their great homemade cakes and coffee selection, so when we heard they had nabbed someone from Masterchef to take over the Kitchen we were intrigued! This Northern Quarter gem is home to some amazing comfort food, and where the is comfort food, there is normally a good drink to be found!

home sweet home blog 1

For one night only on the 11th March, Jon Jones (Masterchef The Professionals, BBC1) will be let loose in the Home Sweet Home kitchen. With fizz on arrival there will be four amazing courses for just £25 per person. There is homemade bread with some quirky Bloody Mary butter to start with alongside Pulled Pork Terrine, Smoked Hickory Jelly, Blue Cheese and Sweetcorn Hushpuppy, sounds amazing.

Following that is Roast Chicken Breast, Pie of Slow Cooked Chicken Leg, Crispy Wing, Creamed Cabbage, Roast Chicken Jus which is a far cry from our usual order of carrot cake and Oreo milkshake! That said, with a dessert of Candyfloss, Screwball Panna Cotta, Popcorn Parfait, edible sand we will definitely get our sweet tooth satisfied. Want to join us? Well you can. Let us know what you guys think about 'Gourmet Night at Home Sweet Home' on Twitter at @DMNManchester.