It's one of Manchester's most-loved nights, and after 18 years of wowing audiences with their passion for disco and funk, Funkademia are going to celebrate in style with one incredible birthday party.

Funkademia will celebrate their 18th birthday with an explosive birthday bash at Mint Lounge.

In November 1995, promoter Dave Payne launched his very first night at the Boardwalk Empire. In an era where Madchester was at its peak and house music dominated the city’s airwaves and club scene, a night based round soul-funk-disco music was something of a gamble. It has since grown to be Manchester’s longest running club night, and is still going strong at Mint Lounge today. 

To celebrate Funkademia’s 18th birthday - on the 23rd November - the club is throwing open its guest list to both ends of the clubbing spectrum. Anyone with a membership or ticket stub from the original nights at the Boardwalk, and anyone celebrating their 18th birthdays can come and join the party for free. For the Funkademia nostalgics, the guys have uncovered some old dusty footage from the very first Boardwalk night that'll be airing at the Mint Lounge on the 23rd. So those original groovers can come along and see how well their moves and hair lines have progressed over the last 18 years.

Funkademia fans from the past 18 years can re-live their best moments with old footage.

The soundtrack for the evening will come from original resident DJ Payney, alongside former KISS DJ David Dunne, The Good for the Soul boys and finally the rest of the Funkademia DJ stable. Get your diaries out and make a note, because on November 23rd, Mint Lounge is the place to dance. 

Funkademia 18th Birthday Party, Sat 23rd November, Mint Lounge, £5 before 11 / £6 after