Don't Get Lost in Chrimbo Limbo

By James Brown.

Royle Family

You've wrapped up the presents, left some milk and cookies for Santa, spent Christmas Day wallowing in your own radiating sense of satisfaction, watched various soul destroying soap operas and now you've woken up on Boxing Day wondering where to go from here. The whirl wind week on the lead up to Christmas is turbo quick, and over before you've had chance to digest your turkey. You've entered the quintessential purgatory known as Chrimbo Limbo, that incessantly horrendous period of time between Christmas and New Year's Eve that you spend remembering how amazing Christmas was, and wondering how off your nut you'll be at New Year.


It's often said that knowing how long you have to wait for something, speeds the waiting process up. But not in the case of the dreaded Limbo. Aside from delving your butt cheeks further into the crevice you've made in the sofa and scouring the fridge for some left over dehydrated turkey, you've got nowt on for the next whole five days.

Until now.

It seems that a host of Manchester bars and clubs share a mutual distaste for Chrimbo Limbo and have come up with a solution that suites us just fine. Boxing Day parties, weekend bashes, and a healthy dose of the Friday feeling (even if you don't deserve it), continuing right up until New Year's Eve.

Highlights of this year's Chrimbo Limbo goings-on include in Under & Mute Boxing Day Special at Gorilla, Him_Self_Her at South, the TFIF Finale in Aura and 2ManyDJs in Sankeys - and that's only for starters. 

This time of year it's nice to know you can rely on your favourite bars and clubs  to keep the festive season from dying on your sofa. For a complete survival guide, check out our list of the top parties to ensure you don't get stuck in Chrimbo Limbo this year right here!