Manchester’s New Neighbourhood Boasts A City First And Unique Dining Concepts

Published . By Lisa Moore.

Circle Square Manchester  | DesignMyNight

Circle Square: quirky pop-ups, globe-trotting restaurants and a Manchester debut.

Saving you from a summer of sub-standard sips and bland scran is Circle Square, which is fast becoming the most talked-about district in Manchester with its slick restaurants, lively bars and unique entertainment spaces. Don’t know where to start? Let’s just say we’ve got a few ideas.

Monkey Trio has bagged the title of the city’s first sake bar, serving up quirky tipples and Japanese classics alongside whiskys and local beers. Also underneath Vita Living North and carrying on the East Asian theme is Tsujiri, who boast everything from silky smooth matcha ice cream to the pretty pink sakura parfait. 

Self-confessed poultry freaks Birds Of Prey have joined the party and we can’t wait to try their class fried chicken sandwiches drenched in black garlic hollandaise. For those of you hankering for some heat, the Insanity Hot Sauce-dipped wings are bound to cause an absolute inferno in your mouth. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Opening on Wednesday 8 June is the new underground events space Canvas, promising local live music, incredible DJ talent and fitness sessions.

If that sounds a bit like hard work, relax on the city’s latest green space, Symphony Park, sipping the curiously sounding Vintage Cheese Tea from Uncle T. Want more? We hear there are loads more in the pipeline, including the dreamy and sustainable Kiwi joint Tahi.

Basically, with this massive list of places to tick off, we might as well just accept that we’re never going to leave Circle Square. Ever.

Circle Square can be found off Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7ED. If you still need more things to do, check out our top 10 summer events here. Don’t miss a new opening and sign up to our weekly Manchester newsletter.