this is lager manchester

THIS IS SPARTA. No, wait. This. Is Lager.

Can one brand change the cultivated drinking culture of a nation? Why freakin' not? It's an admirable endeavour, and one of which Brewdog are ever striving to commit to. Launching a brand new bottle that aims to give lager drinkers a craft alternative, Brewdog return to the liquid limelight this month as This.Is.Lager comes in to play. A 4.7% ABV pilsner with 100% malt and caramel coloured branding, This.Is.Lager is not only another menu must-try for the Brewdog collective, they're hoping it to be the next step when it comes ruining the art of binge-drinking for good, as James Watt comments:

'Lager is often demonised or derided as the choice drink of chavs and louts, which is the result of laddish marketing that diverts attention away from taste and enjoyment and undermines the potential of lager as a creative and artisanal beer style'

Not only is the launch of This.Is.Lager proving that Brewdog's creative craft repertoire ever holds strong, and that they're a conscious company at that, they're offering free 1/3 pint tasters of the stuff this September 3rd from noon to 12pm across all of their UK bars, including our very own Manchester branch.  Lap it up folks, in sensible and seriously tasty moderation of course.